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Description Current Release - 0.2.4
TouchMe Games is a collection of games I wrote being tired of not having any simple, but highly addictive, games to play, like megatouch, when relaxing and throwing down a beer or two at my place. So, after I had to write a few GUIs for work, I got to work on these games.

It's all written in C++, using GTK+ for the graphics. Most of the config files are currently written as flat files, but I'm moving them slowly over to XML. They can be run on Linux/Unix/Windows. -tecknophreak

Plans For Next Release
Not sure about any new features, other than the new game. We'll see what the current release gives. -tecknophreak
Possible Upcoming Games
Either BlackJack or Memory. - The next games come from user feedback, either emails or the forums. If you are looking for a game, send me an email or place a request in one of the forums.