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TriTowers is a game which you start with 3 towers of cards. You have to remove the cards from the bottom to the top and cannot remove any card which is underneath other cards. Cards which are either one higher or one lower than the card at the bottom of the screen can be clicked on to remove. For For each card removed in a single run, the points per card removed will be increased.
ThreesCompany is a game which you have 52 cards, and need to either get three in a row or three of a kind to clear the cards. There are three holding cells at the top which you can place one card in at a time. The four cells in the middle are for matching up the three cards. 6000 points are awarded if you get the three of a kind and 3000 points are awarded for three in a row.
VideoPoker is the same as any other videopoker game, except you have 20 rounds to get a high score and ANY pair counds as a pair, not just Jacks and higher.