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0.2.4 Released!! - 10/18/08
Better Windows install and removed the DOS prompt when playing.
Quite a few bug fixes as you will see below.

Compile4: Fixed bug 2041551, dealing with scoring. DropZone: Fixed a bug where the game would end before time ran out. Changed the gameplay so that the player doesn't have to wait for the blinking to end before dropping the next disk.

FortressCrackers: New Game. Remove cards consecutively from the board for bonuses.

NonoGram: Fixed bug 2041570, where the full solution is not shown when the game is over.

Sudoku: Fixed bug 2075965, where the player can win, even when there are errors.

ThreesCompany: Fixed bug 2046271, where the cards would come out in numerical order.

TriTowers: Fixed the size of the font on the top score line. This wasn't completely showing before. Fixed bug 2054616, where the cards would come out in numerical order.


0.2.2 Released!! - 05/02/08
Install process will now install where you wish.

DropZone: Added a pause button.

FotoSeek: New game. This is where you look for differences between two images on the left and right. This one will need more images as there are only 10 or so in there.

ThreesCompany: Updated graphics.

0.2.1 Released!! - 03/15/08
Converted VideoPoker to the new graphics design. Added touchmegames.desktop to the install. This will allow at least KDE to add touchmegames under the games menu. Added a few more constraints to the Makefiles since TMG was getting many segfaults. Now checks are done to make sure the GTK+ functions are not depreciated and are multi-thread safe. Starting to make configurable variables, for example, the install directory, screen size, fullscreen, etc. DropZone: New game, similar to frozenbubble. VideoPoker: Updated Graphics. -tecknophreak
0.2.0 Released!! - 8/8/07
FoxyBoxy(Thanks Mike S.) and GorillaThrilla have gotten the updated graphics. I removed a bunch of segfaults by changing pthreads to gthreads. So you should be able to play longer without any issues. A few bugs in compile4 and sudoku have been fixed. TriTowers now has it's cards, where FC6(?) and F7 needed to have the cards. Overall, it's a friendlier release which should install on more versions of more distros. -tecknophreak
0.1.8 Released!! - 1/29/07
This release has a graphics update. The main and submenus are MUCH nicer. WordHunt has upgraded graphics as well. Over time, all games will have upgraded graphics. Everyone's got Sudoku, so why not TouchMe Games? This release also adds a sound library, using ALSA, which will later be utilized to add sounds to games. Current games with sound: flogthedolphin, wordhunt, and sudoku. -tecknophreak
0.1.7a Released!! - 11/25/06
Added the Consume21 game, where you have to place mugs into rows to add up to 21. Added some more support for the other games, for better play. Also fixed some errors when dealing with GTK+ 2.6.10+, so the games now can work with FC5+ and other newer distros. -tecknophreak
0.1.6 Released!! - 11/2/06
I put in some time to get the seg faults to disappear, so less crashing. A few other minor bug fixes, but now I can get back to working on newer games. -tecknophreak
0.1.5 Released!! - 8/6/06
Added secretphrase, a game like Wheel Of Fortune, where you have to guess what the phrase is. There are 4 categories to select from and three rounds per game. There is a list generator, if you feel like adding more phrases to the game. Also got new checkers for compile4. -tecknophreak
0.1.4 Released!! - 7/12/06
Added foxyboxy, a tetris variant, with a new input mode, the keyboard. This game is able to run with a keyboard, mouse or obviously, touchscreen. -tecknophreak
0.1.3 Released!! - 6/28/06
Added Compile4, it's a connect4 variant, if you will. You play against the computer who gets a little smarter each time. Points are awarded for Winning/Losing/Tie, how long you take per move, and how many moves it took you. Other than that, a few buttons got upgraded as did the barrels in gorillathrilla. - tecknophreak
0.1.2 Released!! - 5/05/06
Sorry, no new games this time around. However, it's now got a new menu and a few new graphics. GorillaThrilla has new graphics, and the menus look nicer as well. - tecknophreak
0.1.1 Released!! - 4/13/06
The 0.1.1 adds the two games Cricket(dart game) and TriTowers. I'm pretty sure everyone knows both, so I don't have to go into any details. TriTowers is a port from a bit of code I worked on before, but never released. The next release will be categorizing the games since I don't have any room to place more games in the current menu. - tecknophreak
0.1.0 Released!! - 3/24/06
The 0.1.0 release is an update in status, this is now at alpha, more like beta, but that'll come after I get some more ideas for the overall structure in there. But for now, I get to go back and start writing new games! - tecknophreak
0.0.9 Released!! - 3/21/06
The 0.0.9 release gives us better graphics a new card deck from LdyHearts as promised. These make videopoker and threescompany quite a bit better. Other "features" include removing two known segfaults both at the beginning and between rounds of gorillathrilla and threescompany. - tecknophreak
0.0.8 Released!! - 3/8/06
The 0.0.8 release is basically a few improvements to threescompany and wordhunt. Other than that, all games but the dart games have gotten exit buttons. The next release should be pretty good, I've got someone working graphics, so the games will start to look better, starting with threescompany and video poker. - tecknophreak
0.0.7 Released!!
This latest release has actually two new games in it, threescompany and dartcountdown. Three's Company is a new card game where you start with the full deck face down with three cards showing. You can move the top card into either the top three holding cells or to the cells in the middle. To clear the deck, you have to get three in the middle cells to be either three of a kind or a straight. - tecknophreak