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In fotoseek, you need to find five differences between two images. There are three hints that can be used throughout the game. But, these hints are worth 1,000 points at the end of each round and you can only use each hint once. At the end of each round, the time remaining is also given as a bonus.
DropZone is a game which you have to remove all the disks from the screen. This is done by dropping disks from the top of the screen onto like colored disks. When three or more disks of the same color connect, they are removed from the screen.
However, over time, the bottom will rise and if the disks break on the top of the screen, that is the end of the game.
FoxyBoxy is a tetris game. This one gives points based on the number of lines removed at a time and the current level. You get 10 points for one line, 20 points for 2 lines, 40 for 3 and 80 for 4. This gets multiplied by the current level.